TS100 Digital LCD Soldering
Iron Station

1. Intelligent Temperature Control Between 100-400 Degrees
2. Embedded STM32 processor chip, Programable
    for Writting Your Own App
3. Instantaneous Heating, Automatic Dormancy,
    Overtemperature Alarm etc

$55.55  Unbeatable

Upgrade DIY Rotation LED
Electronic Clock Kit

1.You can set the alarm for the length of time, and the music
2.You can set the whole point of timekeeping
3.Music 7 kinds of music you can set
4.Size: 81 mm x 81 mm x 1.6 mm

$8.10  New Arrival

UNO Basic Starter Learning Kit
Upgrade Version For Arduino

1. Upgrade version, add more components to achieve more
   features and experiment.
2. You'll learn through building several creative projects.
3. Starting the basics of electronics, to do more complex projects.
4. The kit will help you control the physical world with sensor and

$30.49  Unbeatable

Dremel MultiPro 220V Electric Grinder Power Tool

1. 5 Steps Speed Settings (10000-37000/min)
2. Powerful 125W Motor - Working with all Dremel Accessories
3. Comes with 5pcs Accessories as Gifts

$23.88  Unbeatable

MASTECH MS2108A Digital Clamp Multimeter

1. AC/DC Voltage and Current, Resistance, Capacitance,
2. Duty Cycle, Diode and Continuity Test
3. LCD with Backlight & Bar Graph and Clamp Lighting Bulb

$36.99  Unbeatable


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